Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link


Who knows why the monster didn’t eat James Lerber…right away…Maybe it was because he was a geeky kid from Chicago who thought monsters were cool and who didn’t want to go to camp in the first place. Maybe it was because the other guys made him wear a dress and he was covered in mud. Maybe it was because the monster was already too full after eating all of the campers in Barracks 4 and 6.

The Wrong Grave

He should never have gone back for the poems he had impulsively put in his dead girlfriends coffin, but Miles was one of those self-involved poet types. He had to try to dig up her grave almost a year later to try to get the poems back. Too bad it was  the wrong girl in the grave who then decided to follow him home so she could teach that idiot a lesson.



Darkness Creeping by Neal Shusterman

darknesscreepingThis is a collection of scary and sometimes funny short stories. Let me tell you about a few of them.
A nerdy kid who is constantly getting picked on finds a way to get revenge.
Two cousins are entrusted with a sacred box with a button on it . It is an ancient box that has been in their family for centuries. They are warned never to push the button because it will destroy the world and everything in it.
Find out what the phrase “growing pains” really means. One kid finds out when some creepy doctors visit his room in the middle of the night with a bone saw.
A teenage girl is called on to be the referee in a soccer game that will decide who wil win the battle between good and evil.
A big brother discounts his little sister’s nightmares about monkeys coming down their chimney are real until one night he hears a noise coming from the chimney…


Just After Sunset by Stephen King


A young couple in love sits in a bar listening to a band. Although, are they really there in the bar?


A psychiatrist leaves behind therapy notes for his sessions for a patient that has OCD and might be psychotic. The patient thinks he is responsible for preventing supernatural forces from destroying the world. And then the doctor checks out the man’s story for himself…


Who Am I without Him? by Sharon Flake

481912[1]There are 12 stories in Who Am I Without Him? that range from scary to funny to just plain wrong.

One girl stays with her boyfriend even though she knows he is cheating on her because she thinks “who am I without him?”

Another girl who is pregnant and whose boyfriend is in jail leads on the wrong guy.

In another story, a boy wants to impress a girl he likes, but he is too poor to buy some nice clothes for homecoming, so he steals them instead.

In another, a girl writes to an advice columnist to ask the best way to go about steal a friends bad boy boyfriend. Only she doesn’t realize that the columnist is her friends younger sister.

Plus, there are eight more with just as much drama.