I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak

10426601Ed Kennedy is not most people’s idea of a hero. He is an underage taxi driver who spends most of his free time playing cards or soccer with his friends or hanging out with his dog, a seventeen-year-old, stinky Rottweiler-German shepherd who loves coffee named The Doorman. That’s it. Not much else except for the fact that he is also hopelessly in love with his friend Audrey.

Then one day while in line at the bank, an armed gunman shows up and Ed accidently foils the robbery. Ed makes the papers, his mom is proud of him and people recognize him in the streets for a short time. Then it’s back to his normal life.

That is until the first card showed up in the e-mail. This card is an Ace of Diamonds with three addresses and times written on it. [show an example in the book or on card]. No other information. Taking a chance, he decides to show up at the first time and place. There he finds a man who abuses his wife every night. He knows what he is meant to do.

He continues to get cards with places and times written on them and each one has a different type of task for him to perform. He doesn’t know what to expect until he gets there. But he figures it out. Soon enough he is no longer Ed Kennedy, loser. He is THE MESSENGER.