Recommended Reading: Escape!

Stories about teenagers held against their wills trying to escape before it’s too late.

F Bodeen,S
Bodeen, S. A. The Compound.
When a nuclear war starts, Eli’s billionaire father rushes his family in into their underground compound. They have everything they need to survive until it is safe to go above ground again. But when things start to go wrong, Eli realizes the real danger is not just on the surface but within his own family.

F Dashner,J
Dashner, James. The Maze Runner.
When Thomas wakes up on the lift, all he can remember is his first name. When the door’s open, he finds himself in a huge maze with stone walls called the Glade. He is surrounded by a group of boys his own age who have a similar story. Every 30 days a new boy arrives, but no one has ever escaped the Glades.

F Henry,A
Henry, April. Shock Point.
When Cassie finds out that her psychiatrist stepfather Rick has been illegally prescribing an experimental drug to teen patients who have then committed suicide. To silence her, Rick commits her to a sadistic boot camp for troubled teen in Mexico called Peaceful Cove.  Even if she can escape the brutal camp, she has to get through the Mexican desert and get back to Oregon. And even then, who will believe her story?

F Smith,A
Smith, Alexander Gordon. Lockdown: Escape from Furnace.
Furnace Penitentiary is the world’s most secure youth prison. It is a mile underground and its inmates are all serving life sentences. The guards and the other inmates are sadistic, but they aren’t the worst things about the prison. Alex Sawyer is a criminal, but he has been falsely imprisoned for murder. Together, with a group of other innocent kids and some cold blooded killers, Alex plans a dangerous escape.

F Strasser,T
Strasser, Todd. Boot Camp.
Harmony Lake is a boot camp for troubled teens and supposedly a godsend for desperate parents.  Like all kids at the camp, Garrett is taken in the middle of the night. He knows that some of the kids deserve there, but when he is beaten and subjected to psychological abuse, he knows he has to try to escape at all costs before it is too late.


Recommended Reading: If you’re done with the Twilight series…

Have you read all the Twilight books (twice) and seen all of the movies?   Or are you sick of vampire books? Either way, if you are looking for something new, you might like these series.

F Clare,C 
Clare, Cassandra. City of Bones. 
New Yorker Clary Fray just wanted to go have a good time at the Pandemonium club. She never expected to witness a murder committed by three other teenagers with strange tattoos and unusual weapons. Also, the three teenagers were invisible to everyone else and there was no body or even blood to report to the police. Clary later learns that the other teens were called Shadowhunters, a secret society dedicated to killing demons. In the next twenty-four hours, she is attacked by a demon herself and mother ends up missing. With the help of the gorgeous Shadowhunter Jace and his friends, she learns of a whole new world that has always co-existed with ours.

F Marr,M 
Marr, Melissa. Wicked Lovely. 
Rules #1-3. Do not stare at invisible faeries, do not speak to them, and definitely don’t draw their attention to you. Aislinn has always been able to see faeries, but these rules have always kept her safe, until now. Everything changes when Keenan, the Summer King, choses her as his mate. She is now involved in the 900 year old struggle between Keenan and his mother, the Winter Queen. If Aislinn refuses him, summer will cease to exist and mortals and faeries will all die. If she accepts, she will lose her own humanity.

F Noel,A 
Noël, Alyson. Evermore.
Since the car accident that killed her family but spared her, sixteen year old Ever can see other people’s auras, hear their thoughts and know their life story by touching them. She goes out of her way to avoid contact with other people until she meets the mysterious. Damen Auguste. She feels an instant connection with him. When she is with him, the noise and chaos in her head subsides. He doesn’t have an aura and he always seems to know what she is thinking. But she doesn’t really know who, or what, he really is.

F Stiefvater,M 
Stiefvater, Maggie. Shiver.
Grace has watched the wolves outside of her window every winter for years, but she had always been drawn to the mysterious yellow eyed one who seemed to take an interest in here too. What she doesn’t know is that these wolves turn into their human form during the summer months. When she meets a boy with the same yellow eyes, she knows somehow that it is him, her wolf. As they start fall for each other, she learns when winter comes again, and with it the change, this could be last year as a human. He will lose Grace and himself forever.

F Taylor,L 
Taylor, Laini. Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Karou is a beautiful young art student in a Prague boarding school. Her natural bright blue hair and her sketchbook is filled with pictures of horrible monsters, drawings of the only family she has ever known, the Chimaera, She speaks many languages, not all of them human. She occasionally runs errands for the devil Brimstone, a wishmonger and father figure who has her collect teeth from around the world, especially human ones. You can understand why she doesn’t know who she really is or where she came from. One fateful day she meets the seraphim Akiva with whom she feels an instant connection, she finally starts to get the answers she seeks, even if it means the end of her life as she knows it.