After by Amy Efaw

6338619[1]The police found a newborn in a garbage can outside of Devon’s apartment building. They found Devon home sick from school on her couch bleeding between her legs and almost unconscious. After she is rushed to the hospital, she finds out she gave birth the night before.

Attempted murder. That’s the charge that Devon is facing, even if she doesn’t remember what happened. She is a good student and a good daughter. A really responsible kid. How could this have happened?

Now she sits in a cell in juvenile hall. Is Devon really the sort of monster who would try to kill her own baby? Or is she a victim herself?


After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, and Flew Away by Joyce Carol Oates

11784[1]It was a bird or a dog…or something. It was some animal that jumped or flew in front of the car. That was why she grabbed the wheel. And that was how the car flew off the bridge…

Jenna Abbot’s mom never woke up. Jenna did, even though she now wishes she hadn’t. Head trauma, brain swelling, amnesia, facial lacerations, cracked ribs. And the feeling that she had been responsible. She had been the one to make them drive off of the bridge. She was the one who killed her mother.

After she leaves the hospital, Jenna goes to live with aunt and uncle’s family in a new, unfamiliar town. But the wreck has changed her. She is angry, bitter, rebellious, drinking, doing drugs, sneaking out, lying. No one in her old life (including her aunt, uncle or her estranged father) would recognize this new Jenna.

Will anyone be able to help rescue Jenna before she self-destructs? Is it already too late?


The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

7963255[1]Lennie and Bailey were always extremely close sisters, even though they were total opposites. Bailey was outgoing, popular and a talented actor who was starred in school plays. Lennie was always a quiet bookworm, a band geek and a writer. But she was always happy to be invisible when her sister was around.

Then, in the course of a couple of seconds, everything changed forever. Bailey died suddenly of a heart arrhythmia while rehearsing for a school play.
Now, a month later, Lennie feels adrift and doesn’t know how to deal with her sister being gone. She has withdrawn from her friends and family, her music. The only one who seems to understand her grief is Bailey’s boyfriend Toby. They start to hang out together, talk, comfort each other, and eventually, kiss. They feel really guilty about it, but neither can deny their attraction.

And then, Joe, a new boy in town shows an interest in Lennie. He is good looking, a talented musician just like Lennie, sweet, romantic and charming.

One boy offers comfort and healing, the other one might be her first love. The boys don’t know about each other yet. But if she doesn’t choose soon, she might lose both.


Raider’s Night by Robert Lypsite

50055[1]This is the year that the Raider’s football team is finally going to go to the state championships. It is a lot of pressure, especially for Matt Rydek, co-captain of the varsity team. It could mean a full scholarship to college and his dad finally getting off of his back.

All the guys have been lifting weights and juicing up on steroids all summer. All of them are looking forward to Raider’s football camp, an intense week of intense training, learning new plays and not thinking of anything but football.

If it hadn’t been for the new kid, Chris, it would have been like any other year. If Chris hadn’t shown off in front of the older players…If he hadn’t been there in the first place…

But he was there and Matt had seen the horrible things they had done to Chris that last night in camp. Now everyone wants to forget it, to bury it. A good captain always does what is best for the team. At all costs, do what is best for the team…

Who Am I without Him? by Sharon Flake

481912[1]There are 12 stories in Who Am I Without Him? that range from scary to funny to just plain wrong.

One girl stays with her boyfriend even though she knows he is cheating on her because she thinks “who am I without him?”

Another girl who is pregnant and whose boyfriend is in jail leads on the wrong guy.

In another story, a boy wants to impress a girl he likes, but he is too poor to buy some nice clothes for homecoming, so he steals them instead.

In another, a girl writes to an advice columnist to ask the best way to go about steal a friends bad boy boyfriend. Only she doesn’t realize that the columnist is her friends younger sister.

Plus, there are eight more with just as much drama.


Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

It15798660[1] all started one morning before school had even started for the day. Piddy Sanchez had just moved to a new school after she and her mom moved across town from their old apartment. A girl she barely knows comes up to her in the hallway and says, “Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass…” She has never even heard of anyone named Yaqui Delgado, and she definitely doesn’t know what she could have done to make her mad.

Piddy was trying to keep a low profile. She already has enough to deal with–new school and trying to fit in and keep up with her classes, her best friend who just moved to the suburbs, and trying to hold down a job after school because she really needs the money. And worst of all, Piddy has never met her father and her mom refuses to give her any details about who he really was.

But after that morning, as the harassment from Yaqui and her gang start to escalate, Piddy learns what it’s like be a target for a bully. She learns what it’s like to have an enemy who can make all her other problems seem easy by comparison, and who can make her life a living nightmare.


Endgame by Nancy Garden

83338[1]Gray Wilton keeps telling himself that everything is going to be different this time. After he was suspended twice in middle school for carrying a knife, Gray’s father moved the family from Massachusetts to this new home in Connecticut. Not that they understood how bad the bullies had gotten in that school. He was just defending himself. His family hopes it will be a fresh start for them.

Gray makes a new friend, he is interested in a cute girl and he gets to play the drums in the school band, But then a few of the Varsity football players start picking on him and his friend Ross– relentlessly. Then his grades start to drop, his dad starts to check his backpack for knives and the bullying gets worse. Is there anything that Gray can do? He doesn’t feel like he has anywhere to turn because even the teachers turn their heads to the bullying because the bullies are football players.

He feels like he only has one option–one that involves his father’s semiautomatic pistol.