I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

ihuntkillersCan anyone name a famous serial killer? [elicit responses] These people did some pretty horrible things.
Now I want to you to imagine if one of these guys was your father.
For 17 year old Jazz Dent, he doesn’t have to imagine, it’s true. Before he was put in prison, his dad killed over 100 people. His dad used to take Jazz along on his kills, teaching him everything he needed to know to take over the family business. Jazz knows everything there is to know about how to kill someone and get away with it from the point of view of the killer himself, not a textbook.

Now, years later, a string of murders that look a whole lot like his dad’s killings have started to occur in Jazz’s hometown. The police are stumped, and Jazz knows he can help., even though the police warn him to stay away. He knows he can solve the case with his specialized knowledge and skill set, but that isn’t the only reason that he wants to help them. Serial killers are incredibly rare. With his family’s reputation, he knows he is bound to become the prime suspect. But as he and his friends get involved in the investigation, Jazz finds out he is a lot more like his father than he ever thought.



Right Behind You by Gail Giles

rightbehindyouKip McFarland was nine what it happened. He and his dad lived in Alaska at the time. He had lost his mother in April of that year.

That night his dad and Aunt Jemma were fighting about what to do with Kip. Maybe it was because of all the bottled up feelings. The anger. The pain. Here is what happened:

Read pp. 11-13.

After that night, Kip was catatonic because of the shock. When he came out of it, he was moved to “the state mental ward for dangerous juvenile offenders. ” Now, after four years, his doctor says it’s time for Kip (whose name is now Wade) to be released back into the world.

A new name and a new chance. But how do you start over when you’ve done something so horrible?



The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson

thechristopherkillerCameryn Mahoney could probably tell you the time and cause of a corpse without blinking an eye. No, she is not some character on CSI. She is the daughter of the coroner in the small town of Silverton, Colorado. And her dream career would be to be a forensic pathologist. Even though she helps her dad every once in a while, she doesn’t get much practice in a town where not much of anything goes on.

That is until now. The Christopher Killer has arrived in town and claimed his fourth victim. The call him that because he leaves a St. Christopher (patron saint of travelers) on the body of all of his victims. The latest murder occurs on a hiking trail outside of Silverton. The victim is Cameryn’s friend Rachel. She is determined to help solve the case and convinces her dad and the Sheriff to let her help.

But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that she just might be next!



The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks by E. Lockhart

disreputablehistory“December 14, 2007

To: Headmaster Richmond and the Board of Directors, Alabaster Preparatory Academy

I, Frankie Landau-Banks, hereby confess that I was the sole mastermind behind the mal-doings of the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. I take full responsibility for the disruptions caused by the Order-including the Library Lady, the Doggies in the Window, the Night of a Thousand Dogs, the Canned Beet Rebellion, and the abduction of the Guppy.

That is, I wrote the directives telling everyone what to do.

I, and I alone.

No matter what Porter Welsch told you in his statement.

Of course, the dogs of the Order are human beings with free will. They contributed their labor under no explicit compunction. I did not threaten them or coerce them in any way, and if they chose to follow my instructions, it was not because they feared retribution. “

This is not how it began, but how it ended.

Frankie Landau Banks, former geeky Freshman, now just another pretty sophomore dating a popular senior. She is a girl who most people underestimated.

No one suspected she was the one who organized a series of elaborate pranks that shake up the school and enrages administration. Pranks that might ruin one student’s future.

No one, not even the Alabaster Prep Academy’s secret all male society The Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds, the group who pull off the pranks suspects Frankie is the mastermind behind the pranks.

No, not even her boyfriend, the co-learder of the Basset Hounds, suspects that Frankie Landau Banks is a criminal mastermind.

Yes, no one will underestimate Frankie Landau Banks ever again.



Wish You Were Dead by Todd Strasser

wish-you-were-deadOne by one the popular kids at  Soundview High are disappearing. First, it was Lucy Cunningham and then her boyfriend Adam. Then it was her friend Courtney. The rumor is they  planned the whole thing and they aren’t really missing at all.

An anonymous blogger had been ranting about these same kids right before they disappeared. The blogger even had one post that sounded like this:

Read pg. 5

Madison is friends with all of them and she worries they might all be dead. Then she starts receiving mysterious notes telling her she is in danger herself.

She has to find out what happened to her friends before she is the next victim.