Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

steelheartIn the first few pages of the book Steelheart, the world was hit by a burst of energy in the sky. It came to be known as a The Great Calamity. When the Calamity hit, a small number of people developed super powers just like in superhero movies. These people were referred to as Epics. For the most part, these Epics took over cities and acted like villains instead of heroes. But there wasn’t a whole lot anyone could do to stop them and nobody really tried.

But there are some groups of regular people who tried to fight the Epics. One of these groups is in Chicago. It is called The Reckoners. These guys spend their time trying to find the weaknesses of each Epic and defeat them. One of them is a teenage boy named David.

When David was a little boy, an Epic named Steelheart took over Chicago. Steelheart also killed David’s father right in front of David. Up until this point, no one has even been able to hurt Steelheart or find his weakness. But David has a secret that no one else knows. When David’s father was killed, he saw Steelheart bleed. David thinks he knows how to kill Steelheart and he will try by any means necessary.

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