Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

wintergirlsCassie called Lia 33 times the night that she died, alone and drunk in a cheap hotel room. Lia never picked up the phone.

They hadn’t talked in 6 months, having been inseparable since they met in elementary school, but then they had been recently drifting apart. They had a lot in common, but especially their desire to be thin, to stop the pain they felt in their lives by controlling the calories they ate, by cutting their skin so they didn’t have to feel the emotional pain they felt all of the time.

At 18, Lia is 5’5″ tall and 91 pounds. She wants to get to 85 pounds…and then 75…and then…who knows? Her doctors, therapists and family can’t get her to stop this obsession, especially now that Cassie is dead.

The voices in her head, and Cassie herself (is she a ghost or just a hallucination?) taunt her and tell her she is fat…stupid…ugly…Cassie wants Lia to join her, to be a Wintergirl stuck somewhere between life and death. And Lia just might. It is only a matter of time.



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