Why I Fight by J. Adam Oaks

whyifightOne day Wyatt Reaves accidently burns his parents’ house to the ground. That is how it all starts.

His parents leave him by himself all the time while they are working or out drinking with their friends. At 12 ½, he is 6 feet tall. So you might think he looks grown up, but he is as naïve and innocent as most kids his age.

After the fire, they end up homeless. His parents are furious. Luckily, his Uncle Spade shows up and offers to take Wyatt with him. Spade is a fast talking salesman who sells almost everything he can out of the trunk of his car. For four years, Spade takes him all over the U.S., as they live out of hotel rooms and Spade’s girlfriends’ houses.  Spade drinks a lot just like his parents, but he takes care of Wyatt like a guardian angel.

When Spade notices how fast and strong Wyatt is getting, he sees the chance to make some money off of him. He starts training the boy to bare-knuckle box and Wyatt wins again and again, sometimes fighting guys almost twice his age. He wins because he channels all the pain, the anger, the loneliness he feels inside.

He fights because he doesn’t have much choice.
He fights until he has had enough from Spade, his parents, his life.
And then he finally fights back.



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