What Happened to Cass McBride? by Gail Giles

whathappenedtocassmcbrideRead pp. 12-15.

Cass Mcbride is in a box underground. There is a pump and a tube that is supplying air so she can stay alive. For now…

How did this happen?

It started with a note.

David Kirby, a social outcast. asked Cass out. She turned him down nicely enough. I mean come on, Cass is a popular girl. She has a reputation to protect.

She left this note for her friend.

Read p. 102.

Unfortunately, David finds the note and it is the last straw. He commits suicide.
David’s older brother blames Cass for his brother’s suicide. Only it doesn’t stop there. He drugs and kidnaps her and then puts her into a box underground. Her will make her admit that the suicide was her fault and thebn she will die for it.

Can she get out alive when all she has as a weapon is her words?



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