The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez

thepregnancyprojectIf you didn’t know her, you might assume Gaby Rodriguez’s destiny was set in stone. She was one of 8 kids raised by a single mom who never had enough money to pay the bills. Her mom never finished high school because she got pregnant, and Gabby’s sisters and brothers all became teen parents just like their mother. Research shows that because of Gabby’s family circumstances, she herself was practically guaranteed to be pregnant before she graduated high school.

But Gaby, like all of you in this room,  wasn’t a statistic, a stereotype. And she wanted everyone else to know they didn’t have to be either. By the time she got to high school, she was an honors student. She couldn’t even imagine having a kid until she was through with college.

So for a senior project, Gaby decided to challenge people’s assumptions. If she became pregnant, what would her classmates and teachers and her family say about her? Would they treat her any differently? To find out, she decided to fake a pregnancy to see what would happen.

She could never have imagined how everything would turn out.


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