The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

theglasscastleJeanette Walls is a successful journalist and novelist. She and here husband live in a beautiful apartment in New York City. So it’s really strange when we are introduced to Jeanette’s mother in the introduction to the book .

Pg. 3

Things weren’t always this way. Not exactly.  Jeanette and her family grew up dirt poor. They never stayed in one place very long. Running from the police or bill collectors or just out of boredom, they ended up in Arizona, California, Nevada, West Virginia, New York.

You have so much sympathy for this family at one moment and then you want to strangle her parents the next. Will they make it? Everything seems fine one moment. Her dad has a new job and then, because he is an alcoholic, he starts drinking again. Their parents are charming, smart and capable and also total screwups. Let me read you an example:

Pg. 106



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