The Compound by S.A. Bodeen

Nuclear war has finally happened. Eli , his sister and parents made into their underground shelter in time. His twin brother and grandmother didn’t make it. Eli’s dad is a multi-billionaire who had the resources to build an underground compound where their family can wait until it is safe to be above ground—they have enough food, clothes, video games and other important stuff they need to survive for at least 15 years. Eli’s family is one of the few that survive.

Six years later it is still not safe to go above ground. But things start to get worse. Eli discovers some food has been tainted. Food and water are running out faster than they ever thought it would. They could die down there, but anything would be better than another year underground.

Then Eli starts to notice some things that don’t make sense. He finds a laptop computer that was meant for his twin brother. It is getting a wireless internet signal. The signal is strongest near his dad’s office, one of the few places he is not allowed to go.

There could be people outside, alive.
But that’s not the only secret in the compound.


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