The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson

thechristopherkillerCameryn Mahoney could probably tell you the time and cause of a corpse without blinking an eye. No, she is not some character on CSI. She is the daughter of the coroner in the small town of Silverton, Colorado. And her dream career would be to be a forensic pathologist. Even though she helps her dad every once in a while, she doesn’t get much practice in a town where not much of anything goes on.

That is until now. The Christopher Killer has arrived in town and claimed his fourth victim. The call him that because he leaves a St. Christopher (patron saint of travelers) on the body of all of his victims. The latest murder occurs on a hiking trail outside of Silverton. The victim is Cameryn’s friend Rachel. She is determined to help solve the case and convinces her dad and the Sheriff to let her help.

But as she gets closer to the truth, she realizes that she just might be next!



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