Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner

spankingshakespeareShakespeare Shapiro’s life has been one humiliating event after another. How could it not be when your parents name you Shakespeare?

There was the time he was hit in the face by a baseball at a Yankees-Red Sox game. Or the time he got caught with a porno magazine in Math class.

But this year, his senior year, is going to be different. Every senior at his school has to write a memoir. Shakespeare is a great writer (yeah, I know) and he is going to write the top prize winning memoir of the year. It would be a big deal. His school is known for its writing program and some of the memoirs have been published by major publishers.

And then fame and fortune will be his. And he will finally have sex with a girl. Or at least get his first girlfriend. Or at least a prom date…


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