Soulless by Christopher Golden

soullessThey had the best of intentions…

Three mediums hold a séance on a morning talk show in Manhattan. They will call the spirits of the dead forth so that they can give a final message to their living friends and relatives. One last chance to say goodbye.

The séance starts, the mediums go into a trance-like state. And then mayhem ensues. The dead start to rise out of their graves in graveyards all around Manhattan. They start walking around attacking and feeding on the flesh of anyone they see. “Empty! I’m empty!” they moan.

Soon, graveyards across the Northeast are erupting with Zombies. That’s right, Zombies! As soon as anyone dies—whether from a Zombie attack or a heart attack, they turn into a zombie on the spot.

Mass chaos is everywhere and it continues to spread. If you listen, you can hear them coming, rising out of the graveyards around Naperville. They are coming for you! I can hear them now.

Will anyone be able to stop them?


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