Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

shiverGrace has been watching the yellow-eyed wolf outside her window ever since she was a little girl. And from the edge of the woods near her house, he watched her too. He was her wolf. She only saw him in the winter, but when it was warm again, he vanished.

When one of the boys in her high school is killed by a pack of wolves, a group of men in town vow to find and kill the pack. Grace decides to act and stop them. And she does. But when she gets home, there is a crumpled form on her porch leaning up against her back door.

It was her yellow eyed wolf. And then it wasn’t. The wolf turned into a boy right before her eyes—a boy with yellow eyes. He is covered with blood from a wound in his neck. She did what she could to get him out of sight and to stop the bleeding.

His name is Sam. They start spending every moment together and fall in love. But little does Grace know, time is running out and she may lose him forever.



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