Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson

robopocalypseThe time is a little bit in the future from now. No one notices when it happens. Machines start to malfunction in a series of seemingly unrelated incidents that only make sense later.

A domestic robot, the kind that we have built to do domestic chores, goes into a frozen yogurt shop to get its owner some yogurt. All of a sudden, the robot starts to go crazy and tries to murder the store employees.

In another incident, a smart doll (think talking dolls like we have now, but smarter) that belongs to the daughter of a senator, starts to seem more self-aware and menacing than a little girl’s doll ever should.

And so it goes, around the world until zero hour.

When zero hour arrives, all of our technology—our computer networks, smart cars, robots, our power grids, our aircraft guidance systems and anything else with a computer in it (which by then is most things, comes alive.

All of our machines unite with one goal. Kill all human beings.

Behind it all is on powerful artificially intelligent computer named ARCOS, a computer program that has decided that humankind is obsolete. Starting now.


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