Legend by Marie Lu

legendIn the distant future, the United States has been split in half. The Western half is called The Republic and it is constantly at war with the other half, The Colonies. This means that most of the wealth and resources are concentrated in the war effort, and if you are a soldier, or otherwise useful to the war effort, then you are probably rich and powerful. If you are not, then you are destined to live in the slums, hungry and without much hope.

One teenager, 15 year old Day, is a kind of Robin Hood, fighting for the poor and causing trouble for the rich and powerful. He is the Republic’s most wanted criminal. One night when Day attempts to steal medicine from a hospital,  he is ambushed by soldiers. One of the soldiers is killed and Day is blamed for the death.

Another teenager, a brilliant 15 year old girl named June, is being groomed to be an officer in the Republic’s army. The soldier who was killed was her older brother. She vows to find Day and get revenge for her brother’s death. She volunteers to go undercover to find Day and bring him to justice.

Of course, nothing is that simple or easy. When she finds Day, she realizes that maybe that the government to which she has sworn her allegiance is not telling the whole truth about this boy or, as it turns out, about a whole lot of other things.



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