Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

51738[1]If you just saw Annabel Greene in her modeling photos or the local commercial she starred in for Kopf’s department store; if you met her perfect family; if you saw how many friends she had; if you saw her report card….

…then you would never suspect that her life is falling apart around her. Her junior year has begun. None of her friends are talking to her. Her family is falling apart because her older sister has an eating disorder; her best friend thinks Annabel betrayed her.

She eats lunches alone. She puts on a smile for her family.

Then she meets Owen Armstrong. Owen is a loner. He is scary, tough and is always blocking out the world with iPod headphones. But somehow, they start talking.

Owen is obsessed with telling the truth. Can he help her uncover the truths that she has kept bottled up for the past year?



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