I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

ihuntkillersCan anyone name a famous serial killer? [elicit responses] These people did some pretty horrible things.
Now I want to you to imagine if one of these guys was your father.
For 17 year old Jazz Dent, he doesn’t have to imagine, it’s true. Before he was put in prison, his dad killed over 100 people. His dad used to take Jazz along on his kills, teaching him everything he needed to know to take over the family business. Jazz knows everything there is to know about how to kill someone and get away with it from the point of view of the killer himself, not a textbook.

Now, years later, a string of murders that look a whole lot like his dad’s killings have started to occur in Jazz’s hometown. The police are stumped, and Jazz knows he can help., even though the police warn him to stay away. He knows he can solve the case with his specialized knowledge and skill set, but that isn’t the only reason that he wants to help them. Serial killers are incredibly rare. With his family’s reputation, he knows he is bound to become the prime suspect. But as he and his friends get involved in the investigation, Jazz finds out he is a lot more like his father than he ever thought.



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