Heir Apparent by Vivian Van Velde

heirapparentYou are the Heir Apparent. The king has died. You are only a peasant, and apparently the secret heir to the crown. You will be crowned in three days, that is, if you can make it there without getting killed by your half brothers, the queen, your future subjects, magic….

If you do get killed, then no problem. You can start the game over again. In the real world, it is sometime in the near future. You are a hooked up to a Total Immersion Virtual Reality game. Your brain is hooked up directly to the game. You smell the smells. You hear the sounds just like you are there. You have 30 minutes (or 3 days in the game) to make the right decisions, the right alliances, if you want to win the game.

But what kind of story would that be? Keep starting over until you win without any real consequences?

A group called Citizens to Protect our Children, a group who is protesting the virtual reality game, has broken into the building and damaged the machine running your game. The longer you are attached to the machine, the more you risk fatal overload. And that means death. Not just the death of your character, but your physical one too. And the only way to escape that fate is to win the game.



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