Deadline by Chris Crutcher

deadlineBen Wolf has one year to live because he has leukemia. He is a senior in high school. Think about it. What would you do if you found out you had a terminal disease?

This is what Ben does during that year:

1. He keeps his illness a secret.

After all, why put his family and friends through the grief? Besides, chemotherapy is difficult and painful.

2. He goes after his fantasy girl, Dallas Suzuki.

He gets her.

3. He becomes a football star.

Net easy for a short, 123 pound kid to pull off.

4. And some other things.

He helps to get the town drunk to sober up.

He ticks off his social studies teacher on a daily basis with his smart aleck attitude..

He gets regular visits from Hey-Soos in his dreams.
Note: Not Jesus, Hey-soos. He might even make his mark on the world before he is gone.



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