Darkness Creeping by Neal Shusterman

darknesscreepingThis is a collection of scary and sometimes funny short stories. Let me tell you about a few of them.
A nerdy kid who is constantly getting picked on finds a way to get revenge.
Two cousins are entrusted with a sacred box with a button on it . It is an ancient box that has been in their family for centuries. They are warned never to push the button because it will destroy the world and everything in it.
Find out what the phrase “growing pains” really means. One kid finds out when some creepy doctors visit his room in the middle of the night with a bone saw.
A teenage girl is called on to be the referee in a soccer game that will decide who wil win the battle between good and evil.
A big brother discounts his little sister’s nightmares about monkeys coming down their chimney are real until one night he hears a noise coming from the chimney…


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