Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

ashes17 year Alex is hiking in the mountains when, in the course of a few minutes, civilization as we know it comes to an end. It probably wouldn’t have mattered too much to her anyway. Both of her parents were dead and she had a brain tumor that would kill her in the next few months. What changed everything was an Electromagnetic Pulse that fried all electronics within its reach.

Alex had stopped on the trail to talk to a bratty eight year old girl named Ellie and her grandfather when it happened. The grandfather’s pacemaker was destroyed in the blast, killing him instantly. Alex got a massive nosebleed and, strangely enough, regained her sense of smell, a sense that the brain cancer treatment had taken away from her.

Now on their own, they soon discover something even worse than a world without electronics. The brains of most people, except for children and the elderly, have been altered by  the blast. The change has turned them into mindless cannibals with a single focus — feed on human flesh.

Now Alex and Ellie must find a way to survive the wilderness, avoid being eaten or being killed by other survivors who are only out for themselves.



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