The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

7963255[1]Lennie and Bailey were always extremely close sisters, even though they were total opposites. Bailey was outgoing, popular and a talented actor who was starred in school plays. Lennie was always a quiet bookworm, a band geek and a writer. But she was always happy to be invisible when her sister was around.

Then, in the course of a couple of seconds, everything changed forever. Bailey died suddenly of a heart arrhythmia while rehearsing for a school play.
Now, a month later, Lennie feels adrift and doesn’t know how to deal with her sister being gone. She has withdrawn from her friends and family, her music. The only one who seems to understand her grief is Bailey’s boyfriend Toby. They start to hang out together, talk, comfort each other, and eventually, kiss. They feel really guilty about it, but neither can deny their attraction.

And then, Joe, a new boy in town shows an interest in Lennie. He is good looking, a talented musician just like Lennie, sweet, romantic and charming.

One boy offers comfort and healing, the other one might be her first love. The boys don’t know about each other yet. But if she doesn’t choose soon, she might lose both.


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