Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

7140292[1]Brian Nelson didn’t turn out to be who she expected.

Brian Nelson, starting quarterback for Hawley, her school’s biggest rival team. A rich, spoiled brat.

Brian Nelson, who she spent the whole summer training so he could be in shape for the season. Her summer was going to be spent doing chores: milking cows, taking care of the farm since her dad was too sick to do it himself. Because her mom was already working too much.

D.J. knew football. Her older brothers were legends on the high school football team. She is an athlete herself, playing basketball for the school team. But she never expected to try out for the high school football team. Or to make it on the team as a linebacker.

She never expected to be standing here taking on Brian Nelson in a football game. And worst of all, she never expected to have fallen in love with him.


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