After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, and Flew Away by Joyce Carol Oates

11784[1]It was a bird or a dog…or something. It was some animal that jumped or flew in front of the car. That was why she grabbed the wheel. And that was how the car flew off the bridge…

Jenna Abbot’s mom never woke up. Jenna did, even though she now wishes she hadn’t. Head trauma, brain swelling, amnesia, facial lacerations, cracked ribs. And the feeling that she had been responsible. She had been the one to make them drive off of the bridge. She was the one who killed her mother.

After she leaves the hospital, Jenna goes to live with aunt and uncle’s family in a new, unfamiliar town. But the wreck has changed her. She is angry, bitter, rebellious, drinking, doing drugs, sneaking out, lying. No one in her old life (including her aunt, uncle or her estranged father) would recognize this new Jenna.

Will anyone be able to help rescue Jenna before she self-destructs? Is it already too late?


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