Zombies vs. Unicorns by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier (editors)

7171748[1]Since the dawn of time one question has dominated all others: Zombies or Unicorns?
Now it is time for you to decide for yourself. Which side are you on?

Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

There are 12 stories in this anthology: 6 about zombies, 6 about unicorns.

Zombies are scary, Unicorns are for 8 year old girls, right?


Here you will find zombie love stories, killer baby killer unicorns, a group of high school students who have decided to hold prom despite the fact that the world has been overrun by zombies, and a unicorn named Princess Pretty pants that helps a teenage girl get revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

Read it. Pick a side.


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