The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

10798416[1]Four minutes. That is all it took for 17 year old Hadley Sullivan’s life to get turned upside down.

She was in the airport and going to board a plane to England where she was going to be the bridesmaid in her father’s wedding, where he planned to marry the woman who broke up his first marriage to Hadley’s mom in the first place, her future stepmother who she has never even met. But she missed boarding the flight by four minutes. Get all that? Basically, her life seemed kind of stunk right then.

She books a later flight and her luck turns. There in in the gate waiting area, she meets Oliver, a very cute British guy who is returning home to take care of some unpleasant business of his own. They instantly hit it off and are happy to learn that their seats are next to each other on the night-long flight. They flirt, they tell each other things they had never shared with anyone else. They arrive in the London airport. They kiss. In short, it is love at first sight.

But then the odds that seemed to be so in her favor from the previous night seem to go the other way again. Hadley has to rush through the airport to her catch a cab to get to her father’s wedding in time. And she loses Oliver along the way.

Now she has one day to see her father get married and then go find the boy of her dreams somewhere in the streets of London before she loses him forever.


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