The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey

670339[1]Alfred Kropp is a mope. A big headed, oversized, all day video game playing, do nothing except sit on the couch Grade A mope. Alfred’s mother died of cancer when he was twelve and he never knew his father. So he lives with his Uncle Farrell, a night security guard at Samson Towers, an office building in downtown Knoxville.

One night a strange man named Arthur Myers comes to the house. He has offered Uncle Farrell one million dollars to steal a sword from the office of the owner of the company that Uncle Farrell works for, Samson Industries.

Uncle Farrell agrees to do it and so, reluctantly, does Alfred. It is all planned out. Half the money now. Steal the sword and get the other half later. But of course, it is not that easy. Even though they get away with the sword, there is danger everywhere. Men in brown robes, government spies, and a mysterious group called OIPEP are all after them. Because you see, this is no ordinary sword. This is a sword of great power. One that no weapon can win against. The master of this sword can rule the world.


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