The Demonata: Lord Loss by Darren Shan

164719[1]Off course they sent Grady Gurbbs to a mental hospital. You would probably be there too if you saw what he saw.

One day when he came home from school he found his whole  family murderd by demons.

His father was hung upside down…headless.
His mother was half eaten by a creature that was a cross between a crocodile and a dog.

His sister was split in two and a demon had his hand inside her back and was moving her around as if she were a puppet.

The leader of the group? A demon named Lord Loss.

Grady ran out of the house as fast as he could, barely making it out alive.

The police want to know how his family was murdered, but Grady just keeps mumbling about demons and blood. Who would believe that?

Doctors and some distant relatives try to bring Grady back to reality. Because after all, demons aren’t real, are they? And then his Uncle Dervish arrives to come get him out. Not only does he believe Grady, he has a drawing of the creature called Lord Loss.

He knows who the demon is and why he killed Grady’s family. And he knows that is not the last time they will have to face him…


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