Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

959320[1]Vampires. Everyone thinks it would be so great to be a vampire. Let me tell you. It’s not. I know. My name is Cal Thompson. I’m sure we haven’t met before. I don’t get out much during the day. Besides, I don’t think you would want to know me. I’m dangerous and I’m contagious. Allow me to explain.

I work for on secret organization called the Night Watch. I hunt vampires for them. At least that’s what you might call them. In my line of work, we call them Parasite Positives, or Peeps. The creatures you call vampires aren’t the undead from horror movies. They are people with an incurable disease. A horrible, life-destroying, incurable disease. They are sensitive to light, the live for hundreds of years, they attract rats like pets, and they kill humans.

My job (and life) wouldn’t be so bad if it were one that I had chosen. It all started last year. I moved to New York City to go to college. Two days after I got off the plane from Texas, I was sitting in a bar…

…18 and sitting in a bar…in New York City…

This girl comes in. Kind of hot and mysterious. She starts flirting. Her name was Morgan. It turns into a one night stand. Yeah? Well, it was as good as it sounds. She had a disease. You see, the way this Peeps disease works is that you get infected by exchanging bodily fluids (yes, those types of fluids) with someone who is a carrier of it. Not everyone who gets it turns into a vampire…I mean a Peep. Some of us are carriers. We get the super strength and heightened senses. (smell, sight, etc). But we don’t turn into Peeps. We just infect other people and they turn into the creatures.

So I can’t even kiss a girl, let alone have sex with her. It’s just too dangerous. So just don’t do it, right? Stay celibate. Look, it’s bad enough I’m a young guy. But here is the worst part. The disease is designed to spread itself, to survive. The only way it can keep reproducing is if I infect other people. And the disease is built to insure that I will spread it. It makes carriers like us totally, unbearably…horny. That’s why I work alone and why I refuse to get close to anyone else.

Besides, this job isn’t so bad. It pays the bills. But lately, things have been getting even weirder around here. Something big is going on. Some sort of big Evil is coming to town. And my crazy life is about to get even more complicated.


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