Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

How m317282[1]any of you have ever wanted a do-over with your life–maybe a day, a few years, whatever?

Well, when Naomi falls down the steps outside her high school and then wakes up in the hospital, she gets her own do-over whether she wants one or not. Because of the fall, she has amnesia and has forgotten the past four years of her life. When she gets home, she has to start putting together the missing pieces of her life.

Apparently, she has a best friend named Will and they are crazy dedicated to their job as yearbook editors. She has a hot boyfriend named Ace who is on the school tennis team. In her nightstand, she has birth control pills and a food diary.

Was she popular? Did she want to be? Was she having sex with Ace? And if so, was that a good thing? Did she have an eating disorder of some kind?

She has to rebuild her identity one piece at a time. But it remains to be seen if the one she puts together is the same one she had before the accident.


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