Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith

8043762[1]Alex Sawyer is a criminal and he would be the first to admit. But he is not a murderer. He was framed. Now he is in Furnace prison with a life sentence.

He and his friend Toby had broken into a house the night that it happened. Alex heard screams coming from the other side of the house. He thought it was the owner, but It turned out to be Toby. He found Toby on the floor surrounded by four gigantic men standing in the room. All wore black suits and one had on an antique gas mask that had a hose running to a tank on his back and a long black leather jacket.  He seemed to be the leader. They shot Toby and gas mask told Alex to run for his life.

But who would believe that story? The trial was a joke. He was sentenced to life in prison in Furnace, a juvenile prison for the worst offenders that is a mile underground.

In some ways, Furnace is like any other prison. There are gangs, disgusting food, prison toilets in the cells. But there are also unimaginable horrors. Gigantic guards in black suits guard the boys with automatic weapons.  Vicious genetically engineered dogs will tear you apart if you don’t follow the rules. And sometimes in the middle of the night, silent men with antique gas masks arbitrarily pick inmates to be dragged off never to return, or worse yet, to return as something else entirely.

Nobody has ever escaped from Furnace, but Alex has to try.


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