Endgame by Nancy Garden

83338[1]Gray Wilton keeps telling himself that everything is going to be different this time. After he was suspended twice in middle school for carrying a knife, Gray’s father moved the family from Massachusetts to this new home in Connecticut. Not that they understood how bad the bullies had gotten in that school. He was just defending himself. His family hopes it will be a fresh start for them.

Gray makes a new friend, he is interested in a cute girl and he gets to play the drums in the school band, But then a few of the Varsity football players start picking on him and his friend Ross– relentlessly. Then his grades start to drop, his dad starts to check his backpack for knives and the bullying gets worse. Is there anything that Gray can do? He doesn’t feel like he has anywhere to turn because even the teachers turn their heads to the bullying because the bullies are football players.

He feels like he only has one option–one that involves his father’s semiautomatic pistol.


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