Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

30324[1]Vivian, her family, and several of their friends, moved to Maryland from West Virginia about a year before the book opens after the death of two girls and a fire that killed her father. They were blamed for the death of the girls and her father died because of it.

Vivian is sixteen, beautiful and athletic. You would think she would be one of the most popular girls at school. But she stays pretty much to herself most of the time. That is, until she meets Aiden, a boy who is not only good looking, but also a sensitive poet. He truly understands her, she thinks. Her family and their friends don’t approve of the boy, an outsider to their group. But she doesn’t care.

As they start dating and get more intimate, she begins to trust him. Until one night when she decides to show him her true self. He plans a romantic encounter when no one is home. Candles everywhere. Both of them naked. She could finally tell him her secret.

First came the claws extending at the end of her hands. Then the fur started cover her body and her face started transforming. How could he look so scared? She is a werewolf. Why can’t he understand?!

It was then the trouble began all over again.


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